ClinHab: consultations on housing and residential mediation

ClinHab is the consultation service promoted by the Legal Clinic on Property Law and Residential Mediation, part of the “dret al Dret” (“Right to Law”) Project of the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Law. The Clinic includes members of the Private Law teaching staff, social institutions, volunteers and students in the final stages of their Law studies.

Therefore, we are not practicing lawyers, but rather people with legal and financial training who share a desire to serve through Academia. We believe in a public university directly accessible to the people, and in this spirit we bring to you the results of research and teaching in an area that is particularly difficult for many people at present, namely housing.

  • Are you about to rent a flat and don’t know if the conditions being proposed are correct?
  • Are you about to sign a mortgage loan to buy a flat and are not sure of the meaning of the small print in the contract proposed to you by the bank?
  • Has your landlord given you just two weeks’ notice to leave your flat?
  • Or does your landlord want you to show the flat to prospective buyers because he wants to sell it?
  • Or has he told you that he needs the flat to live there himself?
  • Do you expect to have trouble paying the mortgage in the next couple of months?
  • Or has the bank has already contacted you about outstanding payments?

If you find yourself in a situation similar to those described above and you don’t know what steps to take, we might be able to help. ClinHab offers you a free consultation service and advice on residential mediation as an efficient alternative to avoid litigation.

Please get in contact if you have enquiry. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.